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Founder Marc A. Kersting named this website for its purpose. The name reflects the immense volume of business information that exists, and the scope of Globalbusinessboard mission: to organize the world's business information and make it universally accessible and useful to all by the easy click of a mouse.


When you visit globalbusinessboard.com you can check stock quotes and find newspapers and television Media information globally at ease, and also find local and foreign businesses, hotels, grocery stores and over 77 other listing categories. With universal spot listing technology, you can often find all of these things combined in one query.

Of course, there are a lot of businesses in the world that is not yet online, so we're also working to get more of it digitized. We also know that whenever you’re searching for businesses, etc you want it to be as fast as possible, with all your favorite websites at your fingertips, our website is designed to work only with a mouse, after typing in the address (www.globalbusinessboard.com) all you need thereafter is to keep clicking to find whatever you are looking for on the web quickly and easily.

At www.globalbusinessboard.com you get more exposure at a lower cost than with any other major search engines out there.

Comparison table:

Other search engines


Charge you on a “Pay per click” basis (pay
.10 cents or more for everyone who click
your site through their search engine results). Your competitors would have a field day with this.

Pay one fixed cost per spot or listing, it’s as low as .41 cents per day no matter how many  clicks per day you may receive.

Listing rotates per traffic on demands sites. How could 500 listing be in the top 10 at once?

Spots and listings are fixed and don’t rotate which enables you more viewership.

For example; The other 2 major search
engines have over 2 million listing results
for hotels in Guyana, same example  goes for other categories.

Our site is protected from spamming and site squatters. When you click on a spot or listing   under a category that is true result you get.

No free webpage to display your products and/or services.

1 Free webpage 750 x 900 pixels and 120KB max. size to display your products and/or services.

Have to use keyboard often.

Keyboard only use once to input address in the address bar, all other navigation is done by mouse or touch pad.

At globalbusinessboard.com we offer you a free webpage to put whatever you need to advertise if you don’t have a website. You can also display your contents in static or flash spots it’s your choice.

Ads listing

As a business, Globalbusinessboard.com generates the majority of its revenue by offering advertisers measurable, cost-effective and highly relevant advertising, so that the ads are useful to the people who see them as well as to the advertisers who run them.

Hundreds of thousands of advertisers worldwide will use our website to promote their products and services on the web. Advertisers just have to specify the geographic location and submit their spot designs and website to forward the link to, but as we said if you don’t have a website, no problem! we will give you a free webpage to display your products and services. As a result, people see ads that are so useful and relevant that they become a valuable form of information in their own right.

Today people want the same ease of use on their work computers that they have on their increasingly powerful personal computers. Globalbusinessboard.com is powerful enough for large enterprises, but simple enough for small businesses too. We're continually improving our website, so you always have the latest listing of businesses and services from around the world. It's much less expensive than other search engines listing. Globalbusinessboard is designed to fit the way people naturally live, work and socialize, so they can focus on what they're doing rather than worrying if there search result listing is genuine or not.

We built Globalbusinessboard.com from the ground up for today's connected world. Our infrastructure is designed to keep our users' data safe and secure and to make our website faster and more effective on request.

How to use Globalbusinessboard.com:

It's just three clicks away from whatever country you need to go or just gather information. Just go to:

Regional Business Boards (on the main menu bar at the top) → Continent → Country

It’s that easy. Please feel free to contact us anytime to advertise on globalbusinessboard.com. Thank you again for visiting globalbusinessboard.com and hope you have a wonderful browsing experience.


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