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UPGRADE your system to Windows 7 Ultimate or Windows 10 today!.  Contact Us For details

Computers are sold on a Wholesale and Retail basis. Also servicing Contracts are available for companies and co-operations.
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It is VERY IMPORTANT to Upgrade your Desktops and Laptops to
Windows 7 and above...

We offer On-Site as well as pickup/drop-off service is available for repairs to all PC's, notebooks, printers, monitors, network equipment, and most other IT related devices.  Please contact us to schedule an appointment, or to get pricing information if needed.

When things break in your business, we understand that the impact can be anything from a slight inconvenience to catastrophic. Accordingly, on-site repair service is offered through regular appointment scheduling and at a modest additional charge for immediate technician dispatch 24 hours, 365 days per year. All catastrophic calls will be dealt with as quickly as possible, but we cannot guarantee immediate dispatch without detailed knowledge of your affected systems.

IT Services

We offer a full range of IT services to maximize your IT investment in your home and business.  Without hiring of an in-house IT professional, you can have a full range of decades of IT knowledge serving your needs.

Preventative Service

All preventative services start with a free evaluation of your business and your systems, and is then approached on an item by item basis with the business to see where your needs and wants are.

Preventative maintenance of your systems is primarily about risk reduction.  While it is completely possible to have a system run for years without preventative maintenance and never have down time, some systems are more prone to problems than others.  In some cases performance losses may also go unnoticed, but still raise your total cost of ownership of your systems.  Because of this, there is no single standard plan for preventative maintenance.  Each business, system and network is unique, as are the people that are responsible for the costs of those systems.  Services listed here can always be tailored to the individual needs.

Preventative maintenance is like buying insurance for your business.  We provide many options, explaining the pros and cons of each aspect.  It is then up to you to take this information and decide what is and is not important to you and your company.  It is our goal to never sell any preventative maintenance service that is not completely in line with your business or individual goals.

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Rosewill PCI Modem


USB to Female Parallel Printer Cable usb to parallel
Compatible with all Parallel Printers

Rosewill ATA133 PCI Card with RAID
rosewill pci ide card

2-IDE Ports up to 4 Devices

Rosewill SATA+ IDE PCI Card Rosewill SATA and IDE Card
2-IDE Devices
4-SATA Devices

Biostar Socket 478 Motherboard
Biostar 478 Motherboard

PC Chips Socket 462
PC Chips 462 Motherboards

D-Link USB Network Adapter
D-Link USB to Lan
10/100 to USB

Antec Laptop Cooler
Antec Notebook Cooler
2 Ball-Bearing Fans







Feel free to contact us anytime, 24/7.
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